Sincere compliments when said to us reflect something we are, we do or have and when it is authentic it enhances our self-esteem, yet most of us have been used or taught to reject such compliments. If someone would tell us “hey that is a nice dress!” we answer, “oh I have it for 5 years now and I didn’t have something else to wear today” or when someone says “you did a great job here”, we say “come one, I didn’t do anything”.

There is nothing wrong with being humble but modesty is something and low self-esteem is something else. Could we imagine someone going to Michael Jordan and telling him, “hey this was great shot” to which he would reply: “come on I didn’t mean it, it was pure chance!”. Can we imagine any celebrity when being complimented, rejecting the compliment? It is not ego when we accept a true compliment but rejecting it shows somehow low self-esteem. Rejecting it shows somehow that we don’t see ourselves good enough or deserving it enough. It is also disrespect to the person who gave us this real compliment.

That is why; every time we receive a true compliment, instead of rejecting it, let’s try to pause; smile; and say: “Thank You!”.