1. Live in the Now: remember that 90% of the cases (if not 99%), your problems are just illusions of time. They are either regret or resentment about something happened in the past or worries about something that could happen in the future. The past is gone and future you can’t act on it now.
  2. Say Thank You Often: Thank God, thank yourself, thank your parents, your friends, your colleagues, your employer, your boss, and everyone who has ever given you something or made your life somehow better in a certain way.
  3. Care Much for your Inner Circle: call your mother and say I love you, call an old friend and say I miss you, drop a note to check on a colleague you haven’t seen for a while to tell him that you care.
  4. Be yourself:  nothing feels so peaceful and joyful like being yourself. All the masks and perceptions we try to create will never make us feel or become better.
  5. Savor the Moment: Every moment is special and will never be back again. Savor every aspect of it. Stop for few seconds and watch the landscape, walk under the rain, taste the food with all your senses, touch a flower, walk barefoot on the grass, sit on the rocks by the river, watch a sunset.
  6. Smile: A smile doesn’t cost a thing but it can enlighten your heart and spirit as well as those of the people around. It could make the day of someone who is depressed or facing a big challenge. Keep smiling.
  7. Spend time in silence: There is nothing more powerful yet more peaceful than silence. Spend at least 5-10 minutes still in silence everyday
  8. Don’t ever forget the favor: Always, always, always remember the good acts of others towards you. Acknowledge this and be grateful for it through your acts, your words or at least just inside your heart.
  9. Treat People as Individuals: Everyone of us is unique and different so we deserve to be treated the same way
  10. Be Grateful: Always, always, always remind yourself of the things you are grateful even simple things you have taken for granted. Remember, being grateful is not about the “intellect” but about the heart.
  11. Drink More Water: water is one of the most important need for our body and yet we only drink when we are very thirsty. Take a sip of water everywhile to keep your body hydrated. This will affect not only your energy but also your mood.
  12. Breathe Deeply: Oxygen is most important need for our body yet we breathe very shallowly . Take few minutes every day to breathe deeply. When something bad happens or you angry, take few deep breaths and notice how you will feel.
  13. Eat Healthy BUT Tasty Food: healthy eating doesn’t have to be tasteless. You can have unbelievably tasty food yet very healthy. Go for such options always.
  14. Exercise: Run, Swim or Cycle at least 4-5 time a week especially outdoor in nature. This has so much positive effect on energy, health and mood.
  15. Have Restful Peaceful Sleep: Ensure that you have quality sleeping time. Switch everything off, ensure there is neither light nor sounds and drift to sleep thinking about something or someone you love.  
  16. Buy Yourself a Gift: treat yourself the same way you would treat someone you love much or at least the same way you would like to be treated by others.
  17. Write in a Journal: Reflect on your experiences by writing in a journal. Analyze your challenges and see what you can do about them. Write about your dreams and wishes.
  18. Commute in nature: take a walk in nature and contemplate God’s splendid creations.
  19. Read: Read books and materials which uplift you, inspire you or educate you in areas you like to develop.
  20. Take a News Fast: Take a fast from the condensed negativity presented in the news. Try for a week or two and see how you will feel better.
  21. Spend Your Time Effectively: You can get more money but never more time. Remember that the most important decision you are spending your time.
  22. Love and Value Yourself:  remember that you are your own best friend so appreciate yourself and everything you do. Compliment yourself when you do something good. If you don’t succeed in something, remember that you have done your best with the resources you have so say to yourself: it doesn’t matter we will make it next time then prepare for it.
  23. Dream, Imagine, Envision: Take time to dream about your future. Envision how you would like it to be. What kind of person you want to become, what kind of things you would like to do, what kind of places you would like to visit, what kind of stuff you would like to have.
  24. Listen to Music: Music is soothing to the heart and soul. Listen to music especially classical music and let it warm your heart.
  25. Handwrite a letter or Card to Someone You Love: from time to time, send a handwritten card or letter to someone you love or really care about. The value of letters is forgotten but remember how you felt last time you received a caring letter or card from someone.
  26. Say Sorry: Apologize sincerely anytime you make a mistake or act in the wrong way towards someone.
  27. Give Sincere Compliment: Look at the positive traits of people and express it everytime there is something you really like or love about them.
  28. Invest in Yourself: Whether a course, a book, a seminar or any experience which could make you better in anyway, invest to grow and become better every day.
  29. Develop a Character: A character is really what makes the difference between greatness and mediocrity.  It is however a lifelong process, a process not just a destination. Invest in it, the rewards will be plenty.
  30. Laugh Often: Laugh with friends and colleagues, watch something funny, check interesting jokes and above all, laugh at your problems, they become much easier to handle then.
  31. Have Fun! Be like a kid, have fun. Do the things you love. Make a list of everything you love and like and visit it every while and do something you enjoy doing.