Alame Leadership’s mission is to inspire and empower every leader and every human being to greatness. To explore our own potential and the dormant forces within us and within the people around us to change our lives and their lives to the better, forever. To be role models of greatness to everyone around us. To be a living example of strength, courage, passion, empathy, success and joy. To be our real self, what we have always meant to be and not settle anymore for less than what we can be, have or do. It is simply about inspiration, empowerment and transformation to greatness.

12 thoughts on “Mission”

  1. Hi, thanks for following my blog (theknowledgebiz) which has prompted me to follow yours. I see we’re coming from similar places with some of our content and I like your gentle but passionate style.
    With best regards, Carl.

    • Hi Carl, thanks a lot for your message. I like your blog very much too. Indeed we come from similar background and I find the mix of the topics in your blog very interesting. Will keep on your checking your updates. Have an excellent day! 🙂

  2. Very beautiful Fouad. Go on doing your good work. Jack

  3. To start with, the mission is really clear and straight to the point. I believe that the objective is not commercial. Second, the articles touch major management and personality topics.
    Another comment is to be added; the presentation is extremely user friendly and I recommend the website as a “search engine”.

  4. what i mean that the page could be used as a specialized search engine for persons interested in this type of topics.

  5. Ma Fik Tetkheyal..How Much I’m Proud Of U Habibi 🙂
    Bel Tawfi2 Nshallah

  6. I’d like to print one of your leadership quotes, so my students can see it. Are you open to this?

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