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Your real friends are not that list on facebook (even though few of them are on this list). Your friends are not the ones who like your posts or photo or write on your wall. Your true friends are the ones who are in your heart and mind before anything else. Your friends are the ones who remember you in moments you don’t and won’t expect. Your friends are the ones who shared these magic moments in good days and the bad days. Your friends are the ones who stand beside you when your whole world in falling down. Your friends are the ones who make you laugh when you can’t even smile. Your friends are the ones who care for you so deep in their heart even if they don’t write you a message or write on your “wall”.

Your friends give you a special gift everyday; a gift that money can’t buy; the gift of being companion in this life journey. Your friends are the ones who tell you “you can do it” when everyone else tells you, you can’t. Your friends are these special people who have always been and will always be there for you whatever what; whenever you are and wherever you are.

So please, please, please let’s not confuse our friends with this list of facebook or any other social media’s list. Let’s not be proud of the 500+ or 1000+ or 5000+ “friends” list because what’s more important than this number is who will be there for you among all these when facebook wouldn’t exist.