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More than anyone else; watch out for that voice between your ears and listen carefully to what it is telling you. Listen carefully when it tells you things like “you can’t do it”, or “it is not worth trying” or “it ain’t working” or “you are bad” or “why do you always fail?”.

Such words won’t help you and are more damaging to you, your self-esteem and your well-being than any destructive criticism or negativity you could receive from anyone around you even closer family members, friends, colleagues or bosses. This is simply because this voice could keep on telling you such lies all the time and while listening to them unconsciously, you would reach a point when you would really believe them and mistakenly think this is who you really are or capable of doing.

That is why, everytime you hear this negative voice, stop for a moment and consider what it is telling you. If it is something negative or bad about yourself or about someone or something, stop and ask these questions: Is this really true? Does this help me to get better or feel better? Is this who I really am?

Question this voice and challenge it because it has the biggest impact on your life, more than anyone and anything in the outside world.