We are so obsessed about negativity in our society that when we meet someone who is optimist, someone who is cheerful, someone who is upbeat, we say: here comes Mr. Positive! Like if being positive and seeing the best in people and situations is bad!

People somehow associate positive thinking with being unrealistic or dreamer. But what is positive thinking anyway?! Positive thinking is not about pretending that things are going perfect and avoid fixing the problems. Positive thinking is about seeing things as they are, but not worse than they are. It is simply about not focusing on the problem and becoming so obsessed about it. It is about not associating ourselves with the problem or dwelling on it most of the time until we lose sight of the whole picture.

Positive thinking is about spending  90% of our time on the solution instead of the problem. Of course we need to understand the problem and analyze it but once we do so, we need to proceed forward to the solution instead of being stuck forever looking at the problem and wondering why do they do this always to me? Why it is always not working? Why now? why, why, why?! The types of questions that will never help us to go forward. The types of questions that completely disempower us. And the more we dwell on the problem, the more we feel down, the more things will get worst because we lack the deeds to do something about them.

Positive thinking is about asking the right question like: What is the opportunity in this? how can I make it better? How can I never let this happen again? How can I turn this around? How can this help me to become a better person? This is what positive thinking is and yes, it does really matter because, although it is called positive thinking, it is, in fact, the one and only realistic thinking.