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Quotes are not there so we would just “like” them. They are not just cool stuff that we share because they are “nice” or “cute”. Quotes are meant to inspire us to change; to change our attitude or change our deeds. To do something about our life. To improve something in our relationships; our health; our work; our finances or the way we are using our time.

Quotes are the very essence of great beings’ experiences; many of them were extremely painful ones. They are the legacy of brave people and they are there to remind us of the life’s fundamentals which we didn’t learn in school. Quotes are full of wisdom which could take us a lifetime or journey of great adversity to really get.

Quotes could be the wake up call to change, to transformation, to awakening. Quotes can be the fire that can enlighten our way towards more fulfillment and self actualization in life. Quotes are there so they would inspire us to say: That is it, I will change this forever.

So let’s not waste this treasure by just “liking” it. Let’s use it to get inspired. Let’s act. Let’s change. It doesn’t matter how big or small this change would be because as Lao-tzu said “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Let’s make every quote be the fuel of these very first steps to life change.