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We go to school and then university to learn about everything to have successful career and make a living but what they really miss to teach us is the very basics and fundamentals in our lives, the basics and fundamentals to lead our life in a balanced way in all dimensions; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. They teach us how to design skyscrapers but not to design our life, how to lead corporations but not our destinies, how to heal others but not ourselves. They don’t teach us how to be proactive and responsible, how to take care of our bodies, how to manage our emotions, how to improve our relationships, how to manage effectively our finances and our time; all the very basic elements of our everyday’s life. So while a CEO builds successfully a huge organization, the mess starts to build up in his life too. It could be his family, his friends or his health. A musician or an artist who is extremely talented whose arts inspire and make millions of people happier lives in deep depression and is addicted to drugs to survive. People who work nights and days but never succeed to save or become financially independent.

So what is the solution?

There is of course an urgent need to reform the systems of education from school to university and luckily this is already starting to change in this direction in few places in the world. But what every one of us really needs to do is to expand our references and listen to new voices. We need to invest in building the basic knowledge which we missed in our years of education. We need to learn more about how to get better in our relationships, our finances, our health and energy, our emotions, our time management; the very fundamentals of our lives.

We need to read great and inspiring books and materials on how we can grow and expand in every dimensions of our life. We need to read the autobiography of great people, of inspiring leaders, of people who left a legacy in this world.

We need to listen and watch good materials from audiobooks to videos which can teach us or make us improve in gaining a new skill or expertise or to become happier or healthier. But not listening the news which keep on telling us the same old stories everyday how everything is going bad, how the economies are collapsing and that there is no hope. Not the soap operas that teach us nothing about becoming better; at least not “Desperate Housewives”,  “How I Met Your Mother” , “Diary of a Call Girl” or “Gossip Girl”!

We need to get around new voices, new references, new role models not the same negative complainers and naysayers at work, at university or at school. We need to seek for, spend time with and learn from the people who are positive, happy, healthy, successful and financially independent. We need to be around people who can tell us “You Can Do It” not all the reasons why we can’t. We need to be around the people who inspire us not de-motivate us.

Nothing can summarize this better than this quote by Charles Tremendous” Jones: “You will be exactly the same person you are today in five years time – Except for two things: The people you meet and the books you read” .  What are you reading, listening to, and watching; and whom are you spending time with; most of the time?

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