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Are you grateful for all the goodness in your life? Are you grateful for what you are and who you are? For simple things that you’ve taken for granted like your body; your soul, your heart and your mind? For simple things like the people who are around you from parents to family to people you love to friends and colleagues?

Are you grateful for the air you breath and heart that beats without the need to ask it to? Are you grateful for the billions of cells that take care of your body in every single moment without the need to take care of it yourself? Are you grateful to everything in your body from your head to your toes?

Are you grateful that you have a home you can go to while million of people don’t? Are you grateful that you had the opportunity to go to school and/or university to study while hundred millions of children don’t? Are you grateful that you can eat whatever you want whenever you want while there are people who are starving and dying from hunger? Are you grateful for having a job or business and you make money at the end of each month or your country pays you if you don’t while people are looking desperately to make a living?

Are you grateful for the nature around you? Are you grateful for the seasons even winter? Are you grateful for love that is within you and around you which you can always find it if you really look for it? Are you grateful that you can put a smile on your face whenever you want although you forgot to? Are you grateful? Are you really really grateful?!