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There are a lot of people who are sensitive to success. For them success means a lot of money and fame, a Ferrari, a yacht, a villa, private jet…etc and because of that they avoid anything that is related to something called success. Maybe some of these people consider themselves spiritual or maybe taken life “easy”. But what they are missing is that success is nothing more than achieving our true potential and enjoying the process of  becoming a better human being. They are missing the point that success is not about money and what we get but the person we become to be able to add value to people around us. They don’t get the fact that success is not only about work or business (which is all about adding value to people around us) but  also about our relationships, our emotions, our health and our connection to God. They miss all these to settle for mediocrity in life, because they miss that success is nothing more than becoming how we really are. Nothing could represent this more than the metaphor that someone who gives you a Ferrari but you park it at home watching it everyday without even driving it once. Success is taking ourself  out for this ride, for this journey to explore our true potential and live life to its fullest!