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There is nothing more exciting, inspiring, motivating which can open the door to a new world of opportunities and potential like reading a book on self-development. A book which could expand you and make you grow in any dimension of your life. The challenge though is reading a book won’t really change us because very simply 20, 30 or 40 years of conditioning can’t be erased with 4-5 hours of reading. To be able to change we need a reverse conditioning. A lengthy process, which requires patience, persistence and consistent effort to take most of the negative programs out of our minds. This is not a day, a week, a month; not even a month or a year process! It takes years of immersion with people, books and materials which are positive, up-lifting and inspiring to become a better human being.

But what a book or even a quote in a book can do is opening the door to change by inspiring us. By opening our eyes to reality, to our true potential , to the truth about life and human beings.

That’s why although one single book won’t change our life, we must keep on reading because through this constant process we can change for the better everyday in every way.