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The most precious gift we can give to our friends, to our family, to our kids, to our partner, to our colleagues, to our employees, to an acquaintance, to anyone in this world, is simple and completely free yet we rarely give it.

It is not money. It is not things. It is not giving them an advice or telling them kind words. It is not even doing something for them.

The most precious gift we can give anyone is being fully present while we are with them, whether during a talk, a walk, over a meal or just doing something together. The most precious gift is just this: BEING. Being present.  Being with them with all our senses, not consumed and lost in our past nor worried about the future, just BEING.

This is the most precious gift and it is something we can give every single day, every single moment. Yes, it would require a lot of efforts to breakthrough the prison of our never stopping thinking mind to give this gift, but it is worth it because it is the only true gift no money on this planet could buy.