In the middle of these days’ negativity,  we desperately need new positive inspiring voices from inspirational books to motivational stories to uplifting people. We need to look at and listen to people who are the shining examples of greatness, people who are excellent human beings, new voices which remind us that WE CAN DO IT  and inspire us to DO IT; not keep on telling us all the reasons why we can’t.

We constantly need doses of inspiration more than any multi-vitamin or supplement because only through feeding our mind and heart with these new voices, we will manage to get through the fogs of negativity and the fogs of illusions that we are not good enough and get rid of all the fake stories why we can’t do it. These stories that are nothing more than lies which we have been told over and over again, until we believed them.

We constantly need new voices of inspiration because through them, we will realize how great we are and we will actualize this dormant potential within us which is left it untapped for ages.

Keep reading; keep listening; and keep talking to these inspiring voices and one day shall come where all your greatness will shine like never before.  This the day when you will realize that your limitations were just masks handed to you and you will destroy them forever. This is the day when you will be once and for all the real YOU; the true YOU and the great YOU you have always meant to be.