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The biggest waste in any organization is not waste of material resources. It is not the over consumption of business travels or electricity or papers or calls. It is simply the waste of the extra-ordinary potential that is dormant in its people and left untouched.

This is the biggest waste because human beings have an unbelievable potential which stays untapped until it is inspired and motivated by something ideal, a big purpose and a unique vision. That is where people can deliver twice, triple or even ten times what they contribute normally.

This great potential is indeed craving for a leader to unleash it. It is craving for a leader who can move people not through their intellects but through their hearts. It is craving for a leader to awaken the lost passion, the dedication and the self motivation. It is craving for a leader who can inspire this fire within people to go the extra mile beyond any limitation every day to achieve a worthy goal, a great vision and a higher ideal.

This is the real waste in every organization and that is true in all contexts from families, to teams to firms to nations.