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Philosophy of life matters because it is simply the foundation of our attitude and the way we see ourselves and everything around us. Philosophy of life does matter because it is key to any change or action we take. Philosophy of life is all about our values, beliefs and rules about life,  people and ourselves and these are extremely important because they control what we think, how we feel and what we do every single moment every single day; which means ultimately our destiny.

Now the key question is what is the source of our life philosophy? Well there are two options. The first is our surroundings from  news, TV, complainers, naysayers, and negative and pessimist people. The kind of people who can tell us all what we can’t be, do, or have. The second source is self chosen surrounding by seeking the great literature, the wisdom of ages, great people who achieved something, who touched other people and who left a legacy in their life. People who can inspire us and lift us to become better and better and happier and happier everyday.

So the ultimate question is what is the source of our philosophy of our life?! The choice is completely ours…