The upcoming leadership essays are about changing our life to become more, achieve more and enjoy more in life. They are about changing our paradigms, our philosophy, our mindset, our attitude, our world view in order to change our everyday decision and action which ultimately can make us change our destiny to live the life of our dream.  

The way we see the world is limiting us to have the extra-ordinary life we all want to live, and can live, and make us settle for less.  Almost all of us have been conditioned to believe that we can’t be, do, or have more and we simply take it for granted that the way we and everyone is living is the way it is supposed to be. We take it for granted that there is no passion in our jobs, that there is no love and depth in our relationships, that there is no abundance and even meaning in our lives. We take it for granted that we are the “little people” in the land of some “giants”, these few others who are “lucky” or “gifted” to be successful or happy in life while we are not.

The “Be a Leader” essays will challenge all these ideas and beliefs by showing that we are, and can be, more than we can we ever dream or imagine. That we can achieve anything we want to as long as we are committed and persistent to accomplish it. That success and happiness are not “gift” or “luck” but a decision we take every single day to be or achieve. These essays are about passion and creation; a journey of mastery, of greatness, of love and joy. They are meant to inspire you and to empower you to lead your life to nothing less than your true potential and make it a masterpiece; to transform your life once and forever by becoming a LEADER.