I used to feel lost in a lot of situations on how to behave and how to deal with some difficult people. Sometimes even quite trivial things, like leaving the food plates and the tray at the table instead of putting in the appropriate place before leaving, at a self service restaurant. Things like how to respond to someone who is always a taker and almost never a giver . Things like people I love and care for whom I stay in touch with while they almost never do. I was lost on how to respond and what to do until the day I heard this quote from one of my favorite writers, Dr. Wayne Dyer. He said:  “When you have the choice to be right or be kind, always choose being kind.” 

That was when something very deep within me resonated with his words and gave me the answer to my wonder. From that point on, in challenging situations or even trivial ones, when I don’t know how to respond, I try to follow Dr. Wayne’s words. At times it is so painful and extremely challenging to take this path; and while sometimes I make it, honestly at others, I fail. Yet still, this pure voice within me reminds me always: Choose being kind. Choose being kind. Choose being kind.