We generally change ourselves for one of two reasons: inspiration or desperation.” Jim Rohn

Inspiration and desperation: These are the best places to start, and foundation of, true lasting change.

Inspiration because your passion will pull you move towards the things you want to achieve. Once you are inspired, you will just find yourself attracted towards this exciting goal and the more desire the faster you will transform.

Desperation because when you hit bottom in any area in your life you will stand up and say: “I have had it! I won’t take it anymore.” And this is the day when your whole life in this area will transform and the upward circle of positive change starts.

Next time you feel very inspired or the way you feel extremely bad about something, get excited and take the very first step. This can be the first step of radical positive change. This can be the start of life transformation. This can be the door towards a better future. Go for it!