Another mantra which we have been conditioned to believe is all about the lack of time. If you tell someone, why don’t you exercise, read or spend some quality time with your family or someone you really care for; the answer would be I would love to or I really want to, but “I don’t have enough time”. Well, the truth of the matter is that among most of the resources given to human beings, it is mainly time in which we are all equal. I have never heard about anyone who has more than 24 hours a day (please tell me if you know someone who has!). The challenge though is how we prioritize our allocation of time and what are we giving the most priority. Are our priorities mostly unimportant and time wasters or important and valuable based on what we value most in our life? Are we spending most of our time on facebook or reading a book? Are we using our time to play games and endelessly reading the news or exercising and investing quality time with the people we love? How we are spending our time is probably one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves because we can always get more money but not more time. How are you spending your time?!